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We are always looking for motivated  and enthusiastic postdoctoral fellows to join us. Postdocs are expected to develop a project together with the PI, and work independently towards its completion. Postdocs are also expected to apply for external funding, and contribute to training other lab members, such as undergraduates.  Please contact Alexandra Deaconescu by e-mail with a one-page summary explaining your previous research experience and interest in the lab and an up-to-date CV.

Postdoctoral Fellows
Graduate Students

Our lab is accepting rotation students! Alexandra is a trainer in both the MCB and MPP Programs at Brown University. Please contact her directly by email.

Research Assistants

We are currently seeking one research assistant. This would be a great training opportunity in biochemistry and structural biology. Please inquire with Alexandra Deaconescu directly.

Undergraduate Researchers

Undergraduates are always a fun addition to any lab! However, to ensure a meaningful and rewarding experience, we require a strong commitment to research. If interested, please contact Alexandra directly with a one-page statement explaining your interest in the lab and your future career goals.

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